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Dolling Produce grows and packs both brown and red onions, totaling around 12,000 tonnes of onions per season. Dolling onions are currently supplied to retailers in the wholesale markets in Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia, along with major supermarket chains and export.

Brown Onions

Red Onions

Stringent sorting and grading measure are taken, along with careful farming techniques, to ensure a quality product is always supplied to our customers.

The Process

The onions are planted by seed, with approximately 500,000 seeds per hectare. Planting begins in June and continues until September, with harvest beginning in January through to April. Depending on the conditions, the time from planting to harvest is usually 26‐32 weeks.

Once the onions harvested, they’re then cured for at least two weeks in large, naturally ventilated sheds. This improves the quality of the onions and increases their shelf life.

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The Farm

We are located in the Limestone Coast area of South Australia.


We provide a wide selection of packaging and sizing options for our customers.

About Us

Dollings Produce is a family owned and operated company since the 1980’s.


Dolling Produce grows and packs both brown and red onions.