Packing & Packaging Options

Over the past 30+ years, Dolling Produce has been packing and supplying their quality onions in a number of ways to a variety of customers.
In their packing shed, Dolling Produce can pack your red or brown onions in a way to suit your needs, including 1 and 2kg pre-packed bags, 10 and 20kg bags, 10 and 14kg cartons or even 1 tonne bulk bags.


Ideal for retail resale, we are able to pack quality onions in 1 and 2 kilogram mesh bags that are clipped and labelled.


Dolling Produce has the capacity to pack onions into 10 and 20kg mesh bags that are then sewn closed, providing safe and secure packing. Theses bags are stacked by our automatic palletiser from Holland. This machine produces a pallet superior to any stacked by hand and reduces tedious labour. Once completed, the pallet is automatically wrapped with a breathable mesh to secure them for transport.


The premium lines of Dolling Produce’s red and brown onions can be purchased in loose form, in either 10 or 14kg cartons. These are ideal for the retail or wholesale market.

Bulk onions 

Need onions in bulk for your own packing, processing or export needs? Dolling Produce can supply all of its onion lines in 1 tonne bulk bags.

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The Farm

We are located in the Limestone Coast area of South Australia.


Dolling Produce grows and packs both brown and red onions.

About Us

Dollings Produce is a family owned and operated company since the 1980’s.


We provide a wide selection of packaging and sizing options for our customers.